Coast Guard Station Ludington

Ludington North Breakwall LightFlotilla 31-6, 9th Western District
Ludington, Michigan
(formerly Flotilla 20-06)

The Ludington Auxiliary Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Ludington Coast Guard Station.

The Public is always invited to attend.


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Mark Szoboszlay retirement  7/6/18

Awards at meeting 3/8/18

Change of Watch 12/8/17

Potluck at Station 9/29/17

Boating Safely at WSCC 7/18/17

Rich Voss Award 1/12/17

Meeting Outdoors 6/9/16

Meeting w/ Training 4/14/16

Change of Watch 12/10/15

Search & Rescue Exercises, T.C. 6/3/15

Rescue Exercises, Ludington 5/22/15

ABS Class 5/9/15

ABS Class 7/24/14

Boat Training 5/12/14

CPR Class 4/5/14

Coastie on Badger 5/22/09

Coastie at Funfest 3/21/09

Lake Michigan -Pretty Photos, various dates

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