Coast Guard Station Ludington

Ludington North Breakwall LightFlotilla 31-6, 9th Western District
Ludington, Michigan
(formerly Flotilla 20-06)

The Ludington Auxiliary Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Ludington Coast Guard Station.

The Public is always invited to attend.


Boating Safely at WSCC 7-17-17

SAREX in Traverse City 6-3-15

Boating Safety Class 5-9-15

Helicopter Rescue Demo 5-22-15

Aerial Photography of West Michigan (deleted-lack of webspace)

"Beach Stop Water Safety" demo class (deleted-lack of webspace)

CPR Class 4-5-14 (deleted-lack of webspace)

Change of Watch/Christmas 2011 (deleted-lack of webspace)

Coastie Visits Wisconsin aboard the S.S. Badger  (deleted-lack of webspace)

Photos from the BS&S Pot Luck Dinner (deleted-lack of webspace)

Photos from the Boating Safely Class at Harborview  (deleted-lack of webspace)

Photos from our Dec. 2007 Meeting (deleted - lack of webspace)

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